Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cloud Catch

Sights - Soaring towers loom impossibly over a distant city. Ostentatious flying machines peacock in the thin air. A literal upper class looks down on everyone else.

Smells - Perfume, rich food, old leather. The sicking scent of excessive wealth.

People - High ranking project heads and their families enjoy the fruits of others efforts. Only those who know how to play the game hold the most important positions. Those who are merely knowledgeable in their fields are stuck in support roles. Mechanical servants are prefered as they are easier to dehumanize.

Wild parties with relaxed guest lists. 1d8

  1. A powerful eccentric is hosting a "sporting club" event. The sport in question is robot deathmatches. Only one contestant needs to be a robot.
  2. Maskerade using remote puppets. Secret cabals conduct business flagrantly.
  3. Silent auction for dubious charity. All items morally repugnant.
  4. Wedding between scions of rival families meant to end blood feud. Almost every attendant is a bodyguard and/or assassin.
  5. A massive wargame with elaborate rules. Costumes and weapons assigned at entrance.
  6. Funeral/orgy as prescribed in the will.
  7. Funeral/buffet as prescribed in the will, with deceased as main course.
  8. Fundraiser for mutant orphans, really just a slave auction. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Gamaran

     New Gamaran is a city of amazing wonders and jaw-dropping hubris. Its residents have never met an idea that they didn't think had merit, no matter how poorly conceived. This makes the city a great place to find wondrous artifacts and dubious advice. Its also a great place to find work, as canny adventures can take advantage of the society's instability. Soon, the city will be destroyed in some spectacular catastrophe. That's fine though, as the program that created the city will create it again, with a new set of bad ideas and new doom hanging overhead. Try not to get caught in any of the apocalypses.

Districts of New Gamaran
The Temple of the Open Skull

Sights - A serene face sits on the skyline. Its skull has been cut open, exposing a luminous brain. Inside the brain twisting passageways lead to myriad meditation chambers for the exploration of psychic power .

Smells - Strange incense and stranger drugs.

People - Mad monks pursuing knowledge down dark pathways. Twisted teachers instilling dubious agendas on impressionable students. Visitors to drug dens and brothels that blur the line between worldly pleasures and transcendence.

What's making people nervous? 1d4

  1. Area around the complex plagued by weird dreams of a creepy girl. Head abbot downplays threat in public, head explodes
  2. Local children and vermin display preternatural intelligence. Head abbot downplays threat in public, head explodes
  3. Head abbot makes public appearance to announce all is well, head explodes
  4. Rash of exploding heads. Head abbot downplays threat in public, head explodes