Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cloud Catch

Sights - Soaring towers loom impossibly over a distant city. Ostentatious flying machines peacock in the thin air. A literal upper class looks down on everyone else.

Smells - Perfume, rich food, old leather. The sicking scent of excessive wealth.

People - High ranking project heads and their families enjoy the fruits of others efforts. Only those who know how to play the game hold the most important positions. Those who are merely knowledgeable in their fields are stuck in support roles. Mechanical servants are prefered as they are easier to dehumanize.

Wild parties with relaxed guest lists. 1d8

  1. A powerful eccentric is hosting a "sporting club" event. The sport in question is robot deathmatches. Only one contestant needs to be a robot.
  2. Maskerade using remote puppets. Secret cabals conduct business flagrantly.
  3. Silent auction for dubious charity. All items morally repugnant.
  4. Wedding between scions of rival families meant to end blood feud. Almost every attendant is a bodyguard and/or assassin.
  5. A massive wargame with elaborate rules. Costumes and weapons assigned at entrance.
  6. Funeral/orgy as prescribed in the will.
  7. Funeral/buffet as prescribed in the will, with deceased as main course.
  8. Fundraiser for mutant orphans, really just a slave auction. 

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