Thursday, January 15, 2015

     The Druid's Rebellion wasn't a sudden and dramatic victory. There were many setbacks and false starts. One of these false starts was at the wizard's academy in the city of Cordam. The headmaster, Jann Brogrson, had strong druid sympathies, and he used his position to recruit students to the cause. Things came to a head when Sinrerall outlawed summoning. City authorities came to the academy, hoping to seize and destroy their supply of talismans. The headmaster rallied his followers and repulsed the invaders.
     The academy was built on series of islands in the middle of a lake. The students destroyed the bridges to the mainland and declared themselves independent. After a year long siege and several failed assaults, the Sinrerall army made one final attempt. They sent a small, elite force of their best soldiers and wizards.
     What they found in the academy was something out of a nightmare. Over half of the students had been executed for disloyalty, their bodies left out in the open to feed the horde of spirits the headmaster had summoned. After a pitched battle, the remaining rebels surrender and the headmaster was taken alive. He would later be publically tortured to death.
     Today, the academy is abandoned by all but the spirits. Enough of them survived for a breeding colony to establish. No one knows how many are lurking the dark dank halls.
Plot hooks
  • Sometimes spirits cross the lake to wreak havoc in the city. The city council offers a bounty to keep their numbers down.
  • The nation of Czaga is very interested on the summoning research Brogrson conducted before his death. They would be very interested on sort of notes or intact talismans retrieved from the ruins. Possession of such materials carries the death penalty in Sinrerall, so getting them out of the city would be its own challenge.
  • After the end of the battle, the army pulled out quickly to avoid further battles with the spirits. The academy is still ripe for looting, one would just have to deal with the spirits first. 
  • A veiled figure claiming to be Brogrson has been terrorizing the citizens of Cordam. It was last seen gliding over the waters of the lake towards the ruins

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