Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Even more districts

Godhead industries
Sights - A crowded showroom floor, or a maybe a temple. Shrines and altars are placed in tiers based on popularity. Hot new gods are in the great hall, old and forgotten deities are stuck in dusty basements.

Smells - Incense and that new god smell.

People - The desperate, the lost, the gullible. Priest engineers put their reputation on the line with each new design. Some get high on their own supply, becoming zealous and hostile to their rivals. The sledgehammer is the prefered tool for dismantling gods and their followers.

Who's hot right now? 1d4
  1. Ebulon, of the innumerable hosts. Invite his angels inside you and gain their strength. Now available in pill form.
  2. It's time to stop beating around the bush, Grigax gives you what you really want, irrational sex and violence.
  3. Kytherix, humble god of cheese. Fanatic's search for the ultimate cheese can get ... intense.
  4. Ponperdun, goddess of the cute and fuzzy. Submit to her adorable hordes.
Caverns of sanitation 
Sights - Huge subterranean landfills. Vast rivers, waterfalls and lakes of tainted water. Complexes of waste processing machines clanking away.

Smells - Breathe through your mouth.

People- Sanitation engineers wield subtle influence on the world above. Forgotten boroughs and lost tribes toil in obscurity. Hidden hideaways conceal rebels and secret societies.

What important thing was thrown away?
  1.  A "perfect" being in a stasis chest.
  2. An aristocrat pays the pcs to find and retrieve a small box. Discretion is of the utmost importance. Inside is what appears to be outrageous pornography, on closer inspection is actually regime ending pornography.
  3. A very sensitive blueprint
  4.  A relic for a popular religion. Its absence is raising tensions.
  5. A staggeringly dangerous bomb. If the pcs are lucky, the timer wasn't set.
  6. A beloved pet belonging to a rich patron. Sewer life agrees with it, leading to a massive growth spurt.   

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