Thursday, January 8, 2015


What game wouldn't be enlivened by a kaiju attack?

  1. Pangozor - a giant semi-mechanical pangolin.
  2. Slimars - Slime mold monsters, can combine to form slimagon.
  3. Blistra - Armoured chemical spewing beatle.
  4. Cuttalo - cephalopod, extremely clever with active camouflage.
  5. Ferartus - voracious catsnake.
  6. Team up, roll twice

  1.  Quatzal - Brightly covered bird of evil intent.
  2. Lambatcus - Horned beast with uncanny powers and a beatific  expression.
  3. Wormadon - Hideous worm monster painted in an unearthly rainbow.
  4. Tostaron - Automated weapons platform loaded with deathrays.
  5. The Night Vegatable - Fast growing plant abomination.
  6. Team up, roll twice
Just when you think its dead

  1. Flesh peels away to revel mechanical skeleton.
  2. It gives birth to another monster, then dies.
  3. Ascends to a higher plane of existence, returns as an energy monster.
  4. Explodes in a shower of goo.
  5. Shrinks down into an adorable pet.
  6. Flies into an unstoppable frenzy, dies one hour later.
Where did this monster come from?

  1. The will of the planet, to punish mankind for its hubris.
  2. A secret laboratory, for some ill-conceived scheme
  3. Aliens control the monster, in a bid to conquer the world.
  4. From a terrible parallel world.
  5. Mutated by incautious weapons test.
  6. A literal apocalypse sent by a higher power

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