Monday, January 5, 2015

More Districts

Womb Works
Sights - An enormous pink lake, its surface covered by a thick soft membrane. Various sphincters and locks are entrances to a sea of amniotic fluid. Translucent walls divide the fluid into sacks, many with large indistinct creatures growing in them. Smaller person-sized cells are clumped together like frog eggs. Submersible vessels monitor and direct growth.

Smells - Damp and unsettlingly organic.

People - Technicians, half overly enthusiastic weirdos. half-vat grown weirdos.Clients coming to check on their monsters, clones, or monstrous clones.

The new project everyone is talking about. 1d6

  1.  A new way around the square-cube law, record amount of space requisitioned.
  2. Wasp-cats, parasitoid lifestyle improves fecundity, the larval kittens gestate inside rats. At least thats the plan.
  3. Hard to talk about due to confidentiality clause, but heavily hinted to be a complete set of city leaders.
  4. Last escaped monster huge embarrassment, new counter monster improves upon the original in every way.
  5. If pets acting like people are cute, these things are going to be absolutely adorable.
  6. New culinary experience, cowamari.
Galactic Persevere 
Sights - Wild poorly tended alien biomes, hilariously ill-informed placards, Discarded and drool covered warden uniforms.

Smells - The myriad odors of a thousand mother natures, red and green and purple in tooth and pseudopod.

People - Twitchy wardens travel in packs and tell each other horror stories that are only half wrong. Well armed aristocrats embark on bold and stupid safaris.

A newly discovered creature that is making a buzz. 1d4
  1. Small blob like creature of astounding intelligence and shape shifting ability. They make great pets, but they require more food as they grow bigger, which they do quickly.
  2. Small candy colored lump creatures. They taste delicious, warnings that they are the young of a larger animal are ignored
  3. Lost tribe of intelligent aliens makes contact with the outside city, began selling their excellent violence skills to the highest bidder.
  4. Badly mutated warden stumbles out of the woods, is mistaken for a marvelous beast and put on display      

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