Sunday, January 18, 2015

The path of dissolution

     One of the inadvisable practices taught in the temple of the open skull is  the path of dissolution. The ultimate goal is enlightenment, which they seek by destroying the self, rather than transcending it. This is accomplished with loads of meaningless sex and dissociative drugs, though for ambitious self-annihilators there are several esoteric rituals that can speed up the destruction of the self.

  1. Ingest large quantities of flashback, then strangle yourself in the crib. When you return to your own time, you'll be free of all temporal attachments.  Be wary of paradoxe eaters.
  2. Premature sky burial. Cut off a limb and feed it to ariel scavengers. Bonus points if you poison your flesh before hand.
  3. Keep a dream journal, then burn the pages and meditate on their destruction. The images and motifs from the dreams will disappear from your mind, to be replaced with strange dreams of the void.
  4. Through a large orgy with all participants wearing the same hideous mask. Astrally project out of your body and observe from a remote position. Lose your own body in the naked press.
  5.  Rhythm and grammar have an antithesis. Memorize anti-poems until your sense of beauty is no more.
  6. Take heavy doses of any sort of drug and pretend to be something you're not. Attend conventions and punch-in at random buildings. As soon as you fit in, sober up and remember who you are.
  7. Manifest a tulpa and murder it. Repeat.
  8. There are multitudes of creatures in the psychosphere that feed on memories. Give your self to them.
     Following such a path can lead to strange powers

  1. You can read the thoughts of any creature with whom you don't share a common language.
  2. You develop a sacrificial personality, which you can redirect mental attacks towards.
  3. You gain false knowledge, and become an expert in things that never existed.
  4. You can invoke your own non-existence to make people forget about you. If you committed a crime, or made a faux pas, it'll be like it never happened. If you abuse this power, your good deeds will be forgotten as well  

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