Friday, February 27, 2015

Locations in castle Dracula

Deep inside the castle, far from mother nature, untouched by any sun, there is a garden. Here, obsessive gardeners work on a long term breeding project. They seek a better flower, but the flower they seek is the deadly alarune. Everyone of these feminine plant monsters is kept in an expansive private greenhouse, while the gardeners dwell in an indoor forest in the center of the complex. Currently humans and monsters are both plagued by parasitic orchids. They cause derangement in everything they grow on. An enterprising party could sneak in and steal the Libre Mallus Chloris, a dark tome full of botanical knowledge. Of course doing so risks infection by the orchids, or attack by the alarunes.
There are two alchemist laboratories on the opposite sides of a winding hallway. Their masters have been embroiled in a bitter feud. One grows hordes of small homunculi, while the other builds giant monsters out of dead bodies. They send their armies out to fight in an endless stalemate. Neutral parties will be harvested for parts or reagents unless they swear allegiance to one side or the other. Both alchemists will pay for outside help to finally end their conflict. The homunculi maker is named Jonathan Burkhiemer and he is a small nervous man who is never far from his favorite homunculi swarm. They look like tiny voluptuous headless woman, and they have venomous fingernails. His last resort is a potion that transforms him into a huge eyeless serpent with a slavering maw. The zombie maker is a woman name Zelda Zerhacker. She somehow managed to replace one side of her body with a mummy. Her most fearsome bodyguard is “spot”, a stealthy, centipede-like amalgamation of household pets.

There are miles of of sewers in the castle. Somewhere among them there is a place where the tunnels widen and the water grows clear. The masonry takes on an ancient and refined aspect, and beautiful mosaics line the walls. In the middle of this area there is a large lake, and in the middle of that there is a suken city populated by degenerate fishmen. Their goddess, par'thegon, hunts in the deepest part of the lake. It looks like a combination of a woman and an annelid worm.
In the caverns beneath the castle, there is a ghostly river. When a creature with the spark dies, metaphysical forces pull its soul down into its waters. The caves around the river are full of ghosts, and monsters that eat them. This place's master, Lord Death, has been know to bargain for the release of souls. However, he is completely loyal to Dracula, and any favor he asks for will serve the Counts interests in the wider strange.
There is a massive crypt somewhere in the castle. Inside is a maze of graves and mausoleums. A gang of ghouls feed on the bodies interned within. Strangely, bodies appear in the empty graves. They sell the extras for weapons and fabulous clothes. Necromancers prize these corpses for their quality and strange magic proprieties. Corpse eaters value their flavor. If threatened they summon the corpse giant, a titian formed from certain special bodies hidden in the crypt.
There is also a clock-tower. Never go there

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