Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Gamaran

The Outer Bazar
Sights - The shimmering outer walls, buildings in exotic styles. The occasional creator or no man's land.
Smells - Like a hundred alien cities smashed together. Lingering weapon discharges.
People - Alien "ambassadors" fallen on hard times because contact home has been cut off / never existed. The only profession open to them is violence. They have formed into large, multiracial, mercenary companies. A fair number of humans, unable to fit in to the city proper, have joined up.
Mercenary companies. (1d4)

  1. Fragan's Freewheelers - Made up entirely of wheeled aliens. They operate mostly on the highway, but you're never really safe from cyborg motorcycles.
  2. Straven's Sharpshooters- Expert marksmen who credit bizarre superstitions for their talent.  They have been know to take shots before before they sign a contract, sealing the deal while the missile flies through the air.
  3. Gakgrog's Goliaths - All members are fitted with hooks and straps that allow them to assemble into giants.
  4. Blask's Bludgeons - a group of mercenary monks dedicated to the art of hitting people with sticks.
Who rules New Gamaran? (1d8)

  1. The central bureau of centralization. The people will be more rules obsessed.
  2. Omnipotent super being, really just a con man way over his head. To keep control, he plays factions against each other.
  3. A super intelligent kaiju in a giant pavilion. The citizens have a weird mix of panic and ingenuity.
  4.  A cult of a dark god holds sway. Its a cynical ploy to use religion to control the masses, but their rites and devotion have attracted the attention of a swarm of real gods. There are dozens of hidden cults in the shadow of the state church.
  5. A group mind. Participation is mandatory but transitory. At any one time about a thousand people are hooked up together. Unfortunately the mind has pick up a mental disease and its spreading it throughout the city. 
  6. Black Hole Incorporated, A megacorp that controls the the city through its subsidiaries. A mercenary attitude pervades the city. Everything is for sale.
  7. A benevolent alien race provides everything for the populace. Soon the harvest begins. Everyone is fat and happy.
  8. Libertarian hellhole.    

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