Friday, April 24, 2015

a brief history of the nine worlds

I really need to update this damn thing, so here is some numenera fan fiction I wrote a while back.

 The first world begin when mankind left Africa, when they built the cotton gin, when they split the atom, when they walked on the moon. In those early days everything was new to discover, so mankind raced forward. Discovery beget discovery and science beget science. But it would not last. Greed overpowered foresight and the earth was squeezed dry. The torch guttered and burned low. Once great nations fought over the scraps, and war, which mankind has always practiced, covered the globe.
From these wars, a titian arose. For the first time in history, a single man ruled the Earth. He was a tyrant and a monster but he saved mankind from its greed. Under his rule every aspect of second world was brought under control. The ecosphere and the noosphere were made into private gardens. The machinery of the world was refined and made sustainable. His control extended down to the level of atoms. For awhile it seemed that mankind would be forever chained together, marching lockstep under their eternal ruler.
But the spirit of rebellion could not be put down forever. One woman, her name lost to antiquity, stole fire from the tyrant and cast it into the masses. They took the fire and created the chaos of the third world. The tyrant resisted but there were a thousand seeds, each growing a thousand weeds in his perfect garden. It was time of wonder and horror, a festival of war, a glorious atrocity. The second world died with the third world's hands around its throat.
Without an adversary, the third world passed peacefully and the fourth world inherited the aftermath of the great rebellion. The character of the age was contemplation and exploration, as the survivors sought to understand the mysteries of the world. Eventually their journey brought them outward, outside the universe its self. There they found many great secrets and treasures but they also opened a door that should never have been opened. And with that mankind unwitting ushered in the First Harvest. Beings from the beyond came to feed on the banquet of humanity. Mankind was but grist on the wheel. But just as sudden as they came, they left.
The human race was traumatized but unbroken. Fearing the return of the Harvest, they came up with a mad scheme. They would expand and conquer their own universe. They would become to large to be subjected by the horrors. They gathered the science of the past world and built the fifth world among the stars. There, humanity found allies and enemies. They performed wonders and horrors. They reshaped the stars themselves. Soon there were a million worlds. And through the vagaries of space travel and subtle intergalactic economics, Earth became the least of them. Contact was lost, the light of the fifth world left its birthplace behind.
Once again, the humans of earth had to rebuild. And rebuild they did. With the stars lost to them, they were possessed by a strange mania to create. They created vast cities with gleaming monuments, libraries and laboratories, temples and the gods to inhabit them. Only a few saw the strange hand that was guiding them. And none were able to save their world from that hand. The second harvest had come.
The seventh world was a place of darkness. The outsiders had encouraged mankind to build a throne that they now sat. They ruled and ate and soon mankind was no more. Those that weren’t eaten were warped. And then the stars changed once more and the earth was empty but for the howling monsters left in the wake of strange gods.

After an age of emptiness the earth was rediscovered by the empire of the fifth world. No longer truly human themselves, they were appalled to discover their ancestors were extinct. Mankind was restored by their god-like descendents. They were cared for and protected. The eight world was a safe place, free from the upsets and unrest of the previous worlds. All was good until their protectors left for reasons unknown. Mankind was once again on its own. They had lost much and they returned to a state of ignorance and superstition. Now they struggle to reach the heights they once knew and to remake their legacy.      

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