Sunday, April 26, 2015

a mod idea

The only person who reads this blog requested that I post a mod idea for a larp so here it is. It is suitable for any game where cannibal hillbillies could be a thing.

Dinner with hill people

background – The pcs have recently encountered a group of belligerent and possibly mutant hill-folk. They have decided to try diplomacy, because of course they would try that. The clan patriarch has invited a select group to dinner, to try and work out some sort of peace deal

npcs – at least four, one recurring face role as the patriarch, a litter of unruly and simple minded hill children, possibly one creepy hill psychic.

Props – hillbilly costumes, about a dozen of the cheapest pieces of cooked meat when can find, preferably pork, plates but no utensils .

Plot – The pcs arrive at the hill-folk shack and are greeted and formally welcomed by the patriarch. After some discussion about what both parties want from a deal, the patriarch agrees to the terms and offers to seal the deal by sharing meat with the pcs. He inquires to his eldest about whether his hunt was successes full to which he replies something along the lines of “I found a fat li' slicker down by the river. He didn struggle much.” The hill-folk should be evasive about what is meant by slicker. The meat is brought out and set down at the table. The hill-folk stare at intensely. One of them should try to eat it but they will be rebuked by the patriarch, as they have not said grace yet. The patriarch will then thank god for the skill and strength it took to find the meat, and for placing such easy meat upon the earth. When he says amen, the children fall upon the meat like starving dogs, eating it with their hand.The pcs need to eat the meat or they will offend the patriarch. After the meal is completed, the deal with the hill-folk is sealed, and the pcs are possibly cannibals

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