Thursday, May 28, 2015

The city of Goreck, as explained by tables, part one.

Gangs of Goreck
  1. Glow Wyrns - Adorned with bioluminescent tattoos
  2. Boggers - specialize in running goods through the river Ich
  3. The Goddamn Gut Clan- Thousands of disposable mooks loyal to the rulers of Goreck
  4. Pure - An anti-mutant hate group.  Non mutants are a minority here, so they are secretive and vicious.
  5. The Next - Mutant supremacists. At odds with the city rulers due to philosophical differences about the nature and purpose of mutation.
  6. The Hazz - They rule the deepest most dangerous areas.  They wear jury-rigged protective suits
  7. Sun's beloved - Found only in the upper reaches. They aim to monopolize all secret passages to the surface
  8. The Peelers - They partially skin their victims, then let them go. Most die of secondary infections.  
Exciting wildlife
  1. Ghost bears - About the size of a fat dog and completely invisible. Will try to steal food right off your person.
  2. Trash crabs - They build disguises out of garbage. You only have to watch out for the really big ones.
  3. Street sweeper worms - They eat any organic refuse, and anything not fast enough to get out of the way.
  4. Albino cop birds - Demented flightless corvids. They have a body of laws embedded in their instincts that they will violently enforce. They accept shiny baubles as bribes.
  5. Sewer dragon - They protect their hordes of valuable junk with cunning traps and their foul breath.
  6. Horrid children - Small, frog-shaped humanoids with luminous eyes. They ens;ave intelligent beings with their strange hypnotic powers for their inscrutable goals. There are rumors of an entire district ruled by these creatures. 

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