Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The city of Goreck, as explained by tables, part two.

Reproductive methods of the love clan. (You don't have to be female to be a member of the love clan, but you do have to be able to give birth. Roll 1d4 times.)

  1. Traditional.
  2. Can become pregnant by drinking blood.
  3. Lays eggs in living hosts, babies come bursting out of the victim's chest.
  4. Parthenogenesis.
  5. Able to release spores through meditation. Spores grow on decaying matter.
  6. Mutagenic venom completely transforms victim into mutant spawn.
  7. Budding.
  8. Owns a laboratory, grows babies in tubes.
  9. Spews out thousands of larvae, only the strongest grow into adults.
  10. Gorges on food and forms a cocoon, splits into 1d4+1 kids with a complete set of memories between them.
  11. Bleeds oozes that congregate into humanoid forms.
  12. Upon death body will split into several dozen young monsters.
Encounters on the river Ich

  1. Tiny pirate ship crewed by rats.
  2. small pyrokinetic alligator, a child of Senator Graka
  3. Boggers smuggling disgusting booze from below the river. 
  4. Ichor clan ooze people. They live in the Ich's murky waters and drown strangers for fun.
  5. Ichor clan torch man, addicted to setting himself on fire, uses a pump to spray burning body mass at anyone and anything.
  6. Ichor clan black current, highly trained gelatinous ninja.
  7. Albino koifish the size of a whale. Rumor is they lair in the lost garden of the deep emperor.
  8. Senator Graka herself, a member of the republic of sea monsters, and a massive psychic alligator. 

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