Thursday, July 16, 2015

The city of Goreck, as explained by tables, part three.

Lower Level Dimensional Incursions

  1. The unholy meat mother and her bleeding brood.
  2. The cavern of eyeballs.
  3. Blankman alley, home of impeccably dressed human simulacrum. Don't let them get you alone.
  4. U'u'u'ux's carnival of happy funtime. Exotic performers from around the multiverse. Undertones of cheerful menace.
  5. Leakage from the phantom ocean, a strange, infinite plane full of phantasmagoric lifeforms and insane explores in odd life support suits.  
  6. The green angel Uxehlaphon and her army of parasitic plant life. Has an incomprehensible love/hate relationship with the meat mother.
Valuable artifacts that may or may not be found in the depths.

  1. Aleckagars's Grimoire. This one probably exists, as this is what most people say the love clan used to create all the dimensional incursions.
  2. The crown of the deep emperor. Its existence is dubious, because no one agrees on who or what the deep emperor is.
  3. The sword of the lost prince. The heroic sword of a heroic prince who died heroically in the lower levels. He's definitely dead, but its an open question whether his sword is even worth anything.
  4. The mantle of the upper airs, grants the wearer power over weather. Sounds made up, besides, why would that be down here.
  5. The endless egg. When the stars are right, a never ending stream of monsters will hatch from it. You hope it's not real.
  6. The star's promise. Some sort of jewel or coin that is supposed to be valuable. It might be in Goreck, who knows?

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