Thursday, September 27, 2018


The Dvork are a race of cybernetic slime creatures. In their natural form, they are slightly opaque piles of jelly. It is rare to see them in this state, as they are almost always wearing cybernetic exoskeletons*.  These suits serve to isolate the Dvork from their environments, as they have a deep cultural germaphobia. They also act as interfaces that allow the Dvork to access their virtual reality, which they call the Clean Space. The males stand approximately one to two meters tall, while the females range from 6 meters to over 50 meters. There is a legal limit on how many females can grow to full size. Permits for giantism are issued to soldiers and those that would become buildings or vehicles. Females outside these professions usually choose to be large in Clean Space.

The Dvork are ruled by the Doctorate, an organization devoted to stamping out disease. To do so they have a wide array of powers. The Doctorate is a totalitarian state where your physical and mental conditions are constantly monitored. Citizens are required to perform daily health regimes. Information, especially regarding the history of the Dvork is heavily regulated, with the party line being that they were exposed to some sort of memetic infection, and information control is necessary to prevent a relapse.

The Doctorate is also interventionist. They offer aid to planets undergoing disease outbreaks. If their help is refused they invade and quarantine the planet anyways. While they have prevented several galactic pandemics, they are not the most popular polity. They are a mid-range power, with a strong enough military to conquer most independent systems. 


The planet Hirfle is covered in a curious ruin. It is more like the empty husk of a city, empty buildings above empty streets. Much of it is broken, smashed and trampled. Some of it is new, freshly laid out by construction robots. This too will be destroyed. This is because Hirfle is an arena for kaiju fights.

Run by a sub faction of the Doctorate, giant monsters from around the galaxy are brought here to fight giant Dvork in special combat suits. Nominally a training exercise, the bouts are also recorded and broadcast throughout the Doctorate and beyond. Recently, the planet has seemingly developed its own native kaiju, the goodrgon. These strange gelatinous creatures have an intense hostilely towards the Dvork. This is fine, as it means the Doctorate has to important fewer kaiju.

 The flagship of the Doctorate is the Doctors General, a ball shaped ship made of multiple female Dvorks clinging together. The Doctors General acts as a mobile command center and laboratory where the most trusted personnel work on the highest priority cases. It is often found above worlds under Doctorate quarantine, full of talented researchers trying to solve the problems that brought them there. When under attack, the component Dvork split apart and retaliate as a squadron.

 The Planet Quastle is a long term Dvork project. Formerly a human colony, the planet was overtaken by a strange microbe, and the inhabitants were reduced to feral plague-ridden monsters. The microbe has terraformed the planet into a weird slime coated wonderland, a strange landscape haunted by melting mutants. The Dvork have failed to find a cure, but still continue to pour resources and personnel into the planet. The whole area is under an information blackout, much to the chagrin of other human polities. The rumor is that the Dvork have given up trying to cure the planet and are instead trying to weaponize the microbe.

Hrango Kran is a researcher stationed at Quastle. Recently, he has contacted the Seeder intelligence Service or S.I.S., the leading human lead spy agency. He claims he’s had a change of heart, and he has something important to tell them. The lockdown is tight, but they do accept supply shipments from outside contractors. S.I.S has an operation planned out, all they need are some hapless cutouts. It needs to go down soon, as its only a matter of time before Doctorate intelligence finds Hrango’s leak.

Viril Sa is the foremost kaiju fighter on Hirfle. In principle, all kaiju fighters are Doctorate soldiers in reserve. Viril has made it clear she will report for duty when they find a fighter that can make her. She is a member of the formless Doctorate counter culture. She fights for the right to be who she knows she is, and she is a symbol of all those who feel stifled by the Doctorate. She is too popular for the Doctorate to openly censor her, so they fill her docket with impossible fights. So far, this has only made her more popular.

Doctor Ovo is the captain of the Doctors General. He is gruff and uncompromising; his job is to be the hammer of the Doctorate. His presence at a diplomatic incident is a clear indicator the Doctorate is considering a military solution. He lives a double life in the Clean Space as the deviant Icon Doesn’t Sanitize. The higher ups are aware of his indiscretions, but he is aware of theirs, leading to an uncomfortable impasse. 

 *These exoskeletons look like hazmat suits, leading to the pejorative hazzy

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