Saturday, January 9, 2021

Chunk Net

Due to sub-spacial disruptions, traditional hypernetworks do not

work in Chunky Space. The solution is Chunk Net. Chunk Net is

a communications network run by the six signatories to the

Chunky Space Pact(CSP). Each polity has a repeater station

within Chunky Space itself. This allows the signal to be beamed

around anomalies to the substations within Chunky Space.

It is still a constant struggle to keep the network operational

with spacial disruptions, abyssal leakage* and digital devil attacks

making service sporadic at best. Still, it’s better than nothing. Chunk net can be

found in all six major ports and many of the minor ones.

Glimmeer - One of two video hosting sites on Chunk Net.

Famous for its louche and Capricious fanbase.

Violence, chaos and shanfraude are popular subject matters.

Castr - A video hosting site that caters to explorers.

The user base loves videos of strange creatures, odd phenomena

and new discoveries. 

Gruber - A Site for insect farmers to post pictures of their herds and swap tips.

There is a peer to peer marketplace function that is rumoured to have a robust blackmarket section.

As the story goes, illicit deals are arranged in plain view, obscured by opaque farmer’s argot.

Morbidd - A job posting site for mercenary work

. Used by the CSP to coordinate their privateers.

Currently the CSP is focused on hunting down the house of Oth

raiders that have been plaguing Chunky Space

Travapedia - More formally known as Trav Ulteer, the Wiki Saint.

The site is a post singularity intelligence that correlates user reports

about chunky space into a usable database. Notorious for walling off

forbidden information from users not in the good graces of the Sophonic

Advent. It is still the best source of information about the history and

mysteries of Chunky Space.

AbyssPics - A hobbyist site dedicated to discussing and chronicling

the Digital Abyss intruding into various electronic systems. Despite

the name, the site doesn’t host any actual pictures of the Abyss, as

captured media of Abyssal leakages has a habit of turning into

Abyssal leaks. Instead the site hosts artist interpretations and first hand

accounts. The site is home to many self styled Abyssal experts, including

a number of entities claiming to be digital devils themselves. The’re probably

just role-players

The Storm Cast - A daily broadcast from eccentric human net personality

Hars Homald aboard the Storm Tossed, a dimensional trawler engaged in

a long term research mission. Gives updates and warnings on dimensional

anomalies and the flow of astral currents. Notoriously unreliable due to

dimensional bleed. It’s hard to tell if any given broadcast is actually coming

from your dimension. Still very popular among Spacers working in Chunky space

*The Digital Abyss is an astral current found in Chunky Space. Unlike many

other currents it affects digital and electronic signals. Abyssal leakages allow

dangerous astral life forms access to conventional reality.

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