Thursday, January 10, 2019

Creeps of the Undercity.

When the city is safe, it is lit in a warm acetate glow, artificial lights filling the cavern with false day. When the lights flicker out and the true night of space returns, the creeps come out. Their origins inexplicable, the creeps have lurked in the city for as long as anyone can remembered. The Reborn seek them out, to recruit or kidnap them into service. The gangs of the city hunt them when they can, but to so is to attract the baleful attention of the night patrol, Reborn wardens who protect the creeps.


  1. A giant skeleton, bare and clean except for a single eyeball and a nest of veins.
  2. A Tangle of hair that move like an octopus
  3. A mass of viscera with batwings
  4. A woman with a zipper running down her face. She does not have a human skull under her skin.
  5. A giant earthworm with a human face and a long sticky tongue.
  6. A circle of meter long fingers around a disk mouth.
  7. An expressionless baby that moves with the grace and skill of a cat.
  8. A bloody sheet
  9. A lumpy figure in a loose cloak. An arm or perhaps a tentacle sticks out the back, trailing out into the dark.
  10. A two story tall tongue studded with patches of teeth.

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