Monday, February 11, 2019

Select galactic trade goods part one

1. Canned King. The upper crust of the Republic of Sea Serpents has an ancient cultural predilection for the consumption of monarchs of all kinds, be they metaphorical, as in the king of beasts, or actual kings and queens. This demand has created a galaxy wide industry of king fishing. After harvesting and processing of the various rulers, they are sorted into three designations, certified sapient free, uncertified and certified sapient only. Of the three, sapient only commands the highest price among the senators and consuls of the republic. Cans of kings are commonly given as reparations as a sort of  were-smelt.

2.Omniplast. A form of ancient Floozy biotech. These single celled symbiotes can be programed to perform a wide range of functions, including curing diseases and altering genomes. They are flexible and powerful bio engineering tools, made only more valuable by the fact they can only be grown in living hosts. They can be transported in stasis vials but they only reproduce in living hosts, and only those that contain certain ancient floozy protein markers. These "forge beasts" are found on former Floozy colony worlds across the galaxy. It is fairly easy to filter the onmiplasts out of their blood. The real trick is keeping a forge beast alive and contained in order to continually harvest form it, especially as they always have surprising and deadly abilities

3.Pickled Sky Vermin. The Rain of Vermin is a pilgrimage organized by the Church of the Holy Vermin wherein they bring scuttling life to burnt and broken worlds. Their venerable vermin engine seeds the upper atmosphere with new life, which then rains down to the benighted surface. Pilgrims waiting on the ground catch and pickle a few choice specimens. As the rain restores life and vitality to the planet, it is believed that a single vermin can restore health to an ailing organic who consumes it.  Authenticate pickled vermin (and the most cunning forgeries) squirm and twitch inside their jars, a sign of their sacred life energies.

4.Riddle Helix. The Floozies used genetic material to encode their secrets and their sagas. Over the ages the meaning of these sequences has mutated and evolved in strange ways. Many of the galaxies' scholars are engaged in a never ending quest to find and decode these molecular codices and will pay good money for an interesting sequence. Finding a riddle helix is a simple matter of sequencing a genome and searching for certain key patterns with a search algorithm know as a riddle sieve. Any given sequence might be an astonishing revelations or derivative garbage. Those who decode the riddles to separate the treasure from the dross are known as riddle mongers. They buy riddles in bulk and sell the most coherent ones off to their network of scholars. Selling both bulk riddles and select riddles is a massive faux pass.  

5.Kaiju Eggs. Massive eggs that will hatch into massive monsters. They are sought after by power hungry polities and warlords that hope to weaponize the young kaiju. They are also sought after by scholars who hope to study them, as well as kaiju cultists looking for a new god. Those who often end up paying the most are gourmands who seek kaiju eggs as the ultimate delicacy.

6.Viral Pilgrims.  To weave their vast empire together, the Floozies created viral pilgrims, nomadic bits of genetic information that would wander the galaxy from host to host, gathering data and rumors. In the modern era many of these messengers have gone extinct  but the Order of the Viral Tide  seeks to keep them around. A secretive organization with outposts around the galaxy, the order will handsomely pay those infected by viral messengers. They can extract the information in the virus through a secret method, and they sell this intelligence to  interested parties. Symptoms of a viral pilgrim infection are usually mild but in extreme cases they can cause hallucinations and delusions as the information leeks into the hosts brain.

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